The Practice of the Presence of God

Br. Lawrence of the Resurrection

Table of Contents

  • First Conversation - Introduction to Br. Lawrence's live. Acceptance of God's will, living in simplicity and faith.
  • Second Conversation - Br. Lawrence sought to make love the motive of all his actions, and to remain continually in conversation with God. Times of prayer were for him no different than other times, because even his greatest business did not distract him from God.
  • Third Conversation - Trust in God; faith working by love. Outward business not a detriment, indeed he was more united to God in outward employments than in the times devoted to prayer.
  • Fourth Conversation - Confidence in God's mercy; generosity for God; habitual practice of God's presence acquired by long practice.
  • First Letter - How he found the habitual presence of God, by persevering in consideration of God's presence.
  • Second Letter - The method learned not by books, but by experience; confidence in this way of practicing God's presence.
  • Third Letter - Encouragement to a soldier friend to trust in God.
  • Fourth Letter - Encouragement to a greater practice of the presence of God.
  • Fifth Letter - To a sister about to vow her profession; value of the practice of the presence of God.
  • Sixth Letter - To a member who received a book from him; practice of God's presence is indispensable.
  • Seventh Letter - On perseverance.
  • Eighth Letter - On distractions in prayer.
  • Ninth Letter - Summary of the method; we need to pray for God's help; to pray we need to be with God; to be with God we need to constantly think of him.
  • Tenth Letter - Difficulties.
  • Eleventh Letter - Comfort to one who is in pain.
  • Twelveth Letter - The comfort he finds through faith.
  • Thirteenth Letter - To the same: exhortation to complete confidence in God, for body and soul.
  • Fourteenth Letter - Gratitude for mercies to the correspondent.
  • Fifteenth Letter - On his deathbed. Exhortation to seek God by faith, that we may love him.

Full Text Versions of the Work

The Practice of the Presence of God (PDF version, the text is in the public domain)

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