Paths of Love: The Discernment of Vocation

Texts of St. Basil of Caesarea mentioned in the book

Here you will find a compilation of the texts of St. Basil mentioned in the book Paths of Love.

  • It is up to each person whether or not to embrace the religious life

    • It is within the power of anyone to embrace the evangelical mode of life. (Patrologia Graeca 32, p. 647).
    • The name virgin is given to a woman who voluntarily devotes herself to the Lord, renounces marriage, and embraces a life of holiness. And we admit professions dating from the age of full intelligence. For it is not right in such cases to admit the words of mere children. But a girl of sixteen or seventeen years of age, in full possession of her faculties, who has been submitted to strict examination, and is then constant, and persist in her entreaty to be admitted, may then be ranked among the virgins, her profession ratified, and its violation rigorously punished. Many girls are brought forward by their parents and brothers, and other kinsfolk, before they are of full age, and have no inner impulse towards a celibate life. The object of the friends is simply to provide for themselves. Such women as these must not be readily received, before we have made public investigation of their own sentiments. (Letter 119)

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